Terms & Conditions

MiniComPR Computers & Technology Customer Terms Agreement

This is a legal agreement between you and MiniComPR Computers & Technology BY JOINING, YOU ARE AGREEING TO BECOME BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT

This Agreement states the terms and conditions upon which MiniComPR Computers & Technology offers its products and services.



No Price Protection or Stock Rotation:

MiniComPR Computers & Technology does not offer any type of price protection or stock rotation. We often drop prices suddenly and without notice.


We ONLY sell wholesale. Customers will be Computer System Builder channel, IT VAR / Solution provider channels, Computer retail Stores, Rent to own retail channel, E-Tail / On-Line sales channels, Consumer Electronics retail, On-Air shopping channels, and any other that will resale the products.

Domestic Sales Terms:

New Domestic accounts are typically set up on Credit Card terms (we accept Visa/MasterCard) If we are unable to get an approval on your company check order, you will be given the option to pay by Visa / Master Card . Orders over $10,000 must be prepaid by wire transfer.

Company Checks:

All Checks will be aprove by Tele Check. The address printed on your company check must be the same as the account.


NSF Policy:



Any returned check will disqualify the account from any future Company Check Privileges.

Credit Cards:

We accept Visa / Master Card ONLY!


All prices are subject to change without notice.

Truck Shipments:

If no other method of shipment is specified, MiniComPR Computers & Technology will ship via the least expensive qualified carrier available. If this is a concern, be sure to specify how you want an order shipped. (We use only reputable carriers).
Although you will have the option to insure your truck shipments, it is STRONGLY advised that you carry separate inbound insurance.

You Pay Shipping Charges:

When you place an order, after you get to the final confirmation page, we will immediately email you a confirmation of your order. Should you discover any errors, please contact us immediately. Freight charges may be blank on the confirmation.

Refused Shipments:

If a shipment is refused for any reason, customer is responsible for the freight charge incurred. MiniComPR Computers & Technology also reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee.

Manufacturer Direct Warranties:

If there is a Manufacturer Direct Warranty, we require that you return the unit direct to Manufacturer, unless the unit was DOA (within 7 days after receipt).

Warranty Limitations:

MiniComPR Computers & Technology cannot warrant an item that has been improperly used or physically damaged.


RMA Numbers are valid from 14 days after issuance. After you get an RMA number, please send the item(s) in immediately.

Fitness of Purpose:

MiniComPR Computers & Technology cannot warrant any product as fit for any particular use or purpose. We strongly recommend customers evaluate a sample unit to determine by their criteria whether a product will work in their configuration. In the world of computers there are many products that may be incompatible with a certain brand or certain parts. In cases like this it is your responsibility to resell the product into a standard application in which the part will work. We are unable to take parts back because they will not work in particular brand product if they function correctly in others.

Defective Products:

Defective items will be replaced with either a repaired or refurbished unit (even for DOA's). If no replacement unit available within 30 days, we will issue a credit memo.

All Sales are Final:

All sales are final. Returns of product, other than with defect, are subject to a 15% restocking fee. No returns are allowed after 3 days after receipt. Returns after this time period are at the complete discretion of MiniComPR Computers & Technology and will incur a 10% restock fee.

Warranty Repair:

Any items sent back for warranty repair must have been tested bad prior to returning the part. We will charge a service fee should we find a returned item in working condition.

Defective Item Return:

Customer MUST CAREFULLY PACK defective items being returned, as if they were new and working. FAILURE TO DO SO may invalidate both the RMA and the warranty.


Warranties may be limited on some items. Please check our sales literature and your invoice to verify the warranty is as expected.